Milk Honey Studio


Milk Honey Studio 拾花工作室 is a workshop organize with the professional skill such as Makeup & Hairstyling, Photography & Video shooting etc.

"Milk Honey" is come from Bible "So that it may be well for you, and you may be greatly increased, as the Lord the God of your fathers has given you his word, in a land flowing with milk and honey. (Deu 6:3)” That's is the promise form GOD, he will provide the the place which is good & wealthy.

"拾花" is come form the book 《朝花夕拾》 which writen by 鲁迅. The book is edited with lots of meaningful essay, expecially related to his memory & life.

We promise that we should use our professional still, help all of you to save your important moment.

Shortly about Milk Honey Studio

Milk Honey Studio 拾花工作室 with 1200 ft studio localed in Chan Wai, walk from Chan Wai MTR Stataion need about 5 mins. We the provide Wedding & Commercail Photography, Video & Makeup service. 

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If you have any question about our service, welcome to Mobile/whatsapp: 6183 3742 / call 2512 6699 or e-mail to at anytime